Sleep Hacks, Tricks, and Tips

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s dive into some of my favorite hacks and sleep tricks to dial up the BEST night of sleep possible. 

I’ll often use these advanced tools and tactics when my sleep cycle is off, in times of stress, or when I’m traveling across time zones. 

Sleep Hacks:  

  • Hot/Cold Contrast (3-4 hours before bed): 10 seconds HOT, 20 seconds COLD. 10 rounds and finish with 2 min cold.
  • Epsom Salt Bath with 1-2 cups Epsom salt and I like to add CBD bath bombs
  • Sauna/Cold Shower Routine: 20-30 minute sauna session followed by 3-5 minutes of cold shower. Repeat up to 3 times. 
  • Starring at the ceiling after a late workout? Try a cold Shower after a late workout session to drop core body temperature to prepare for sleep. 
  • Finish exercise 3-4 hours before bedtime for best sleep; morning exercise can promote deeper sleep at night
  • Finish dinner 3 hours before bedtime to allow for proper digestion.  When we go to sleep with food undigested food it hampers our deep sleep and recovery suffers and is a contributing factor to waking up feeling like you didn’t get enough rest
  • Couple of additional ideas, here.  

Traveling Across Time Zones

If you’re like me and easily get jet lagged while traveling across time zones, this travel hack is meant for you and trust me, it’s a gamechanger. In the past, I had to pad longer travel with a day before and after to combat jet lag. After implementing this protocol, I’m able to quickly adjust without extra recovery days. 

This protocol helps shift your circadian rhythm quickly and reduce inflammation from low level radiation exposure and pressure changes while flying. It’s pretty simple, you fast while traveling and eat at the next appropriate meal time once you arrive at your destination. For example, if you arrive at 10am, wait until 12pm to have lunch. Likewise, if you arrive at 9pm and the sun has already set, wait until breakfast to eat. To mitigate hunger while traveling and reduce inflammation I use ketone esters and molecular hydrogen. 

Last, Grounding and movement are SUPER helpful after landing to reduce inflammation and improve sleep. I like the two birds, one stone approach here: find a patch of grass, kick your shoes off and do a quick body weight exercise or yoga routine. 

  • Fast until you arrive at your destination. Wait to eat until it’s TIME to eat in the new time zone.
  • Use Ketone esters and molecular hydrogen on the plan
  • Get your bare feet on the earth’s surface upon arrival
  • Move: yoga, walk/hike, lift weights etc.

Supplements for Sleep

Sleep supplements can be tricky. We don’t want to be dependent on supplements or medications to sleep, but they can be very helpful in a time of need like traveling across time zones or when sleep is off. 

Here are some of my go to recommendations: 

  • .5-3mg of Melatonin– works great when traveling, after alcohol, or when you’re wired before bed. 
  • 100mg CBD – most companies recommend smaller doses of CBD but many studies showing it’s effective for sleep and anxiety use 100-300mg. 
  • Doc Parsley’s Sleep Cocktail– this stuff is great! Taken 30 minutes before bed and again if waking in the middle of the night, without feeling groggy the next morning. 
  • Magnesium 500mg before bed is great for relaxation. My favorite type of Magnesium is Magnesium Threonate and this product contains all 7 forms to be sure you’re covered. 
  • 3g Glycine, Bone Broth or Collagen Peptides

Game Changing Technologies

By now you’re aware that I’ve done A LOT of research on sleep, including in-depth looks at technologies that are successfully improving sleep quality. So, I’d be remiss if I left out my favorite game-changing technologies that I’ve uncovered over the years. 


So far, we’ve nailed sleep hygiene, improved our sleeping environments, and tried all of the best hacks. But, there’s still work you can do improve to your sleep—better living through science baby! Here are my favorites:

Chilly Pad– Keeps your body cool all night long by circulating cool water under your sheets. This is a must have for athletes, people experiencing hot flashes and warm natured people. 

-Black Out Curtains- I use blackout curtains at home and be sure to take my eye mask when traveling

Sound Machine– works great in hotel rooms, with a partner that snores or when your chickens try to wake you up at 5am

Joovv Light– Red, Near and Far Infrared light exposure has SO MANY benefits and sleep is one of them. 

NuCalm– this is the mac daddy of them all. With just your headphones, a sticker on your wrist and an eye mask, the NuCalm app simulates a full sleep cycle in 20 minutes. Read more here.

Oura Ring  or Whoop– these tracking devices allow you to monitor sleep and any adjustment therapies you try so that you can get feedback on the best approach for your personal sleep needs. 

As you can see by now, getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to your healthy lifestyle! Rest is when our body rebuilds, helping us thrive. If you’re not consistently waking up feeling refreshed, don’t leave sleep to chance. 

Start incorporating these advanced tools and tactics, along with the basic sleep hygiene steps covered in Sleep: Part 1 as soon as you can. And if you’re still struggling, consider seeking the advice of a professional sleep physician. Take the steps you need to make good quality rest a priority.