Mitch Webb Certified Health Coach is focused on Integrating the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Needs of a Woman! How does it work?

Mitch understands that women cannot just be put into a one-size-fits-all weight loss program.  He also takes into consideration that women are different from their male counterparts.

Mitch makes sure women experience weight loss with success and have a judgment-free program. He feels women are tough enough on themselves and that a positive environment leaves shame and embarrassment on the shelf where it belongs. Mitch taps into the heart, mind, and soul of the women he coaches which breeds natural weight loss by a decreasing appetite, and it becomes not only obtainable but also sustainable.

He provides ongoing support for his clients which instills the confidence and control that women need to practice while conquering their current life challenges.

Mitch’s goal is to put each and every woman back in the driver’s seat of her Life and Body!

At one time Mitch would say, “God created man first! Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs, so the story goes.” One day in his youth, he was joking with a woman about this and she said, “Mitch, you really don’t understand.” He answered, “Well that’s what the Bible says happened.” The lady looked him right in the eye and said, “You were the rough draft!”

Humor has its place in health and wellness, so get ready to have some fun and laughs! Mitch has designed a first step challenge to get you involved with a very simple first step.

It’s called the 5-day energize without exercise weight loss challenge.

It has been designed to focus on many areas, no matter what your current condition is, to give you back that energy you once had and to help you drop a couple pounds along the way. It will jump-start you physically and emotionally for your next steps with Mitch Webb.

Mitch is a native of North Carolina and coaches women throughout the whole state and beyond.  He became a licensed Health Coach for his own health. He practices what he preaches.