Lyme disease is a silent and very hard to diagnose disease. I contracted Lyme disease and know how hard it is to beat. Please make sure you are under a physician’s care. I do not give medical advice. I am here to advocate for women dealing with Lyme disease and become part of your treatment plan initiated by your doctor.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I understand how Lyme disease attacks the body and how to detoxify your system and build your immunity to kill Lyme.

Remember everyone with Lyme isn’t in the same place. That means both disease-stage and mental-stage of the client.  All those dynamics are considered when planning out a wellness treatment plan.

I am here first to listen and understand your story from the beginning to your current state. I have been afflicted by many diseases and know how to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have to head right into the Lyme storm and walk through it. You cannot go around it! Lyme is its own animal, and most of my health coaching for women includes a 5-day challenge. The challenge will need to be modified for Lyme Disease clients.

It’s called the 5-day energize without exercise weight loss challenge.

It has been designed to focus on many areas, no matter what your current condition is, to give you back that energy you once had and to help you drop a couple of pounds along the way. It will jump-start you physically and emotionally for your next steps with Mitch Webb. If you have Lyme, please make sure you notify me before you start the challenge. My women’s integrative health coaching was born in my native state of North Carolina, but I am willing to help anyone who is willing to help themselves, no matter where you live. Lyme can’t beat technology!